DSC 5.8 Release Features and enhancements

  1. Enhanced and more intuitive look and feel for the Design tool used in DSC.
  2. Added support for mouse wheel for all platforms
  3. Added JPEG and GIF support for all platforms
  4. Added Xcode support for Mac OSX
  5. Added Xcode project files for samples on Mac OS X
  6. Added Xcode templates for Design and Architect
  7. Fixed all compiler warnings for all compilers all platforms
  8. Added Installer program to all platforms
  9. Updated all the tool and platform Documentation
  10. Added HP Itanium platform
  11. Added web registration rather than emailing HostIDs and registration codes
  12. Updated the sample files to work correctly with x64 platforms
  13. Fixed the helpc compiler error
  14. Fixed the PFM errors to convert Design projects
  15. Fixed the TextEdit scroll issues
  16. Fixed the Action code Editor in Design scroll issue
  17. Added tutorial folders with sample code to all platforms
  18. Fixed Mac issue where cached menu resource data was endian swapped more than once
  19. Fixed Mac issue where dialog position flag was incorrectly read from resource data.
  20. Design for Mac no longer looks for cft, cfg, and template files within the design.app/Contents/Resources directory.

DSC 5.7 Release Features and enhancements

  1. Corrected over drawing of CRectangle
  2. Updated CView::Activate() to check to see if View can receive focus before transferring focus
  3. Corrected support for native help files on Unix and Apple
  4. Corrected CRectInLine.h for Linux platforms
  5. Corrected CRect to RCT bound limit error during conversion
  6. Added support for static libraries along side dynamic libraries
  7. Added support for creating Universal Binaries on Apple
  8. Added 64 bit platforms for Windows and Linux
  9. Updated event handling in CTreeView object
  10. Improved interface to XVT EasyLM product
  11. Correct compiler warning messages
  12. Increase print driver buffer size for new print drivers
  13. Corrected HelpView support for Win32
  14. Added support for the gcc 3.4.4 compiler
  15. Added XP native look and feel for Win32
  16. Updated documentation
  17. Added normalization of time stamp to UTC
  18. Added Xcode support for design tools Design and Architect
  19. Make the sample application "Poker" on website
  20. Added support for Arabic language
  21. Added support for Sun Pro 11 compiler

DSC Release 5.6

  • In Win32 platform, List Box, List Edit and List Button are capable of supporting different color attributes for each entry
  • Multiple file types can be specified with native file open/save dialog
  • In New Control, Treeview has new user specified item icons and titles

DSC Release 5.5

  • HTML Viewer Widget
  • 50+ bug fixes
  • Compatibility with the latest compilers and operating systems
  • Architect look and feel update

DSC Release 5.1 - Bug fix release

  • Seg. Fault on HP with Motif 2.0
  • Notebk Image
  • Notebk linking
  • Crash on Notebk Destroy
  • Seg. Fault on AIX with Motif 2.0
  • Crash on Notebk Destroy
  • Table sizing and scrolling
  • Default Window Font
  • Cboss Broadcast Method
  • Cboss Broadcast Method
  • Notebk Sizing
  • Lang. Resources missing
  • No modal Color Dlg.

DSC Release 5.0

  • Notebook (Tabbed View) Control
  • Geometry Management
  • Color Selection Dialog
  • Other Environment Dialogs
  • Directory Selection Dialog
  • Multiple Resources Forks
  • Dovetail Widgets

DSC Release 4.58

  • Command Line Generation of Code with XVT-Design
  • Password Edit Control
  • Validate Edit Control
  • Support for Newer Operating Systems, Window Systems and Compiler Versions