XVT 11.1 Release Notes

  • Added xvt_ctl_set_tooltip( WINDOW win, char * tooltip, RCT *area ) [Windows/Mac only]
  • Added toolbar_set_fill_color( WINDOW, COLOR ) for XPO toolbar
  • Added ability to ?Run-as-user? on a per-application basis [XVTNet]
  • Added additional encryption options to Appserv
  • Added ability to enable/disable SSL in Netlink via options file
  • Added automatic configuration script for Appserv
  • Added ability to launch Netlink from Java Webstart
  • Added static version of Netlink (Netlinks)
  • Added default port option to Netlink
  • Added option to use alternating row colors in XI
  • Switched back to using .HLP for help on Windows
  • Switched to static linking as default on AIX
  • Removed 8.3 naming limit in Architect
  • Updated Architect to use native colors by default
  • Updated xrc to create DIALOGEX instead of DIALOG statements on Windows
  • Upgraded XVTNet to latest version of OpenSSL
  • Moved Appserv/Netlink logs to standard location and filenames
  • Updated default look-and-feel for XI
  • Fixed CScroller mousewheel issue
  • Fixed default size of CSplitBar, which was causing an assert failure
  • Fixed several sizing issues in Design
  • Fixed multiple issues with Mac and Windows packaging
  • Fixed multiple issues with CImageButton
  • Fixed printing issue on Linux
  • Fixed issue where UIL lines could be too long on Linux/Unix
  • Fixed issue where helpc could crash on AIX
  • Fixed integer overflow in textedits
  • Fixed integer overflow in XVTNet packet parameters
  • Fixed integer overflow in scroll events
  • Fixed buffer overrun in helpc on AIX