XVT 13.1 Release Notes




  • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 11 (2012)
  • Added support for RHEL6.x for DSC and DSCNet.


  • Changed all references of IDs to be 64 bit compatible.
  • Changed the starting ID for Pwr IDs to 200,000.
  • Increased the Clipboard buffer to prevent overflow with large cut/copy operations.
  • Add a retry loop for attempts to create socket connect in DSCNet.
  • Added additional error checking for attempting a socket connection in DSCNet.
  • Updated jpeg in DSCNet to match the PTK.
  • Changed hook values to platform/compiler agnostic XVT_INTP variable type.
  • Increased the maximum allowed Window timers to 256.


  • Changed the XRC tools to create temp files in user accessible folder.
  • Corrected the bitmap coloration on Mac version.
  • Corrected comment warnings for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 in DSP.
  • Corrected the font mappings when requested font is unavailable.