XVT Cross-Platform Studio

Design fast - Write once - Build anywhere

Layout your user screens quickly and intuitively. Let your users "see" what they are getting. Develop your C/C++ applications with platform independence.  Reach new markets. Preserve your investment by being able to adapt to new platforms in the future. 


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From your free, fully functional evaluation, to having us coming alongside to make sure you get full productivity with a developer kickstart visit, to instant online tech support, to online certification for your development team—we are there for you. We're developers, too.
XVT Cross Platform Studio (C/C++) provides a visual, rapid application development (RAD) framework for producing C/C++ applications that can run on all major platforms. A single development effort produces platform-specific, compiled applications with the look and feel of the native platform—because XVT uses the native control components. We can even provide a SaaS framework on the internet for your desktop applications.
XVT's WYSIWYG GUI Layout provides common representation of events, windows, fonts, graphics, and many other control/interface features.  Instead of calling the functions available on each individual native window system, the application makes calls to the XVT Universal API Library. The XVT API's then call the native API, for all 14 Platform/OS's we support. Platform independent C/C++.