Run Your Existing XVT Apps Over The Web

With DSCnet existing XVT DSC applications can be run over the Web by recompiling existing code. The result is a client/server application where the server executes business functionality and the client renders the presentation layer. The new application is launched from a regular browser that automatically downloads a small thin client.

XVT Web applications maintain the look, feel and performance of the native platform, saving XVT users precious development time and money. The customers that use XVT applications benefit by lowering their support costs and providing broad access to their applications over a network.

DSCnet and DSPnet support the following platforms:

  • Windows -  7,8,8.1,10
  • Unix - Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX
  • Linux - RedHat, SuSE
  • Mac OS X


  • One license fee per server platform
  • No runtime fees


  • TCP/IP - Configurable port
  • SSL (Secure Socket) capable


  • Works through firewall over SOCKS protocol

Application Launching:

  • From a regular web browser 

GUI on Thin Client:

  • Full application GUI
  • Native objects
  • Not mere browser UI
  • Run on any of 12 supported OS platforms