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Methods Inherited But Not Overridden



Superclass: ostream

Subclass: None


CClipboardTextOStream objects are used to stream text data to a CClipboard. They should only be retrieved from a CClipboard.


Here is an example of putting text data onto the native clipboard:

CClipboard aCB; // CBWRITE mode is the default
CClipboardTextOStream * aTextStr = aCB.GetTextOStream();

*aTextStr << "My Text"; // Streaming out text

Methods Inherited But Not Overridden

Note: These methods apply to Win32. They may change slightly from platform to platform.

ostream& flush();
int opfx();
void osfx();
ostream& operator<<(ostream& (__cdecl * _f)(ostream&));
ostream& operator<<(ios& (__cdecl * _f)(ios&));
ostream& operator<<(const char *);
ostream& operator<<(const unsigned char *);
ostream& operator<<(const signed char *);
ostream& operator<<(char);
ostream& operator<<(unsigned char);
ostream& operator<<(signed char);
ostream& operator<<(short);
ostream& operator<<(unsigned short);
ostream& operator<<(int);
ostream& operator<<(unsigned int);
ostream& operator<<(long);
ostream& operator<<(unsigned long);
ostream& operator<<(float);
ostream& operator<<(double);
ostream& operator<<(long double);
ostream& operator<<(const void *);
ostream& operator<<(streambuf*);
ostream& put(char);
ostream& put(unsigned char);
ostream& put(signed char);
ostream& write(const char *,int);
ostream& write(const unsigned char *,int);
ostream& write(const signed char *,int);
ostream& seekp(streampos);
ostream& seekp(streamoff,ios::seek_dir);
streampos tellp();

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