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This header file contains factory type ID's and macros for each of the primary abstract factories in the framework.

This file defines Factory Type IDs for the virtual factories in the framework:

// XVT reserves the first 16 factory type id's

const int kApplicationFactoryTypeId = 0;
const int kPlatformFactoryTypeId = 1;
const int kResourceFactoryTypeId = 2;
const int kMenuFactoryTypeId = 3;
const int kViewFactoryTypeId = 4;
const int kWindowFactoryTypeId = 5;
const int kValidatorFactoryTypeId = 6;

const int kUserFactoryTypeIdBase = 16;
It also defines macros used to easily access the virtual factories in the framework:

APPLICATION_FACTORY Returns the registered CApplicationFactory
PLATFORM_FACTORY Returns the registered CPlatformFactory
RESOURCE_FACTORY Returns the registered CResourceFactory
MENU_FACTORY Returns the registered CMenuFactory
VIEW_FACTORY Returns the registered CViewFactory
WINDOW_FACTORY Returns the registered CWindowFactory
VALIDATOR_FACTORY Returns the registered CValidatorFactory

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