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Essential Tools Module Reference Guide


Module:  Essential Tools Module   Group:  RWCollectable


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#include <rw/rwbag.h>
RWBag b;
RWBagIterator it(b);


Iterator for class RWBag, which allows sequential access to all the elements of RWBag. Note that because an RWBag is unordered, elements are not accessed in any particular order. If an item was inserted N times into the collection, then it will be visited N consecutive times.

Like all Rogue Wave iterators, the "current item" is undefined immediately after construction -- you must define it by using operator() or some other (valid) operation.

Once the iterator has advanced beyond the end of the collection it is no longer valid -- continuing to use it will bring undefined results.



Public Constructor

RWBagIterator(const RWBag&);

Public Member Operator

virtual RWCollectable*

Public Member Functions

virtual RWCollectable*
findNext(const RWCollectable* target);
virtual RWCollectable*
key() const;
virtual void

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