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Essential Tools Module Reference Guide


Module:  Essential Tools Module   Group:  RWCollectable

RWCollectable RWCollectableWString RWClassicWString

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#include <rw/collstr.h>
RWCollectableWString  c;


Collectable wide strings paralleling RWCollectableString. This class is useful when wide strings are stored and retrieved as RWCollectables, or when they are used as keys in the "dictionary" collection classes. Class RWCollectableWString inherits from both class RWWString and class RWCollectable. The virtual functions of the base class RWCollectable have been redefined.

NOTE -- Encodings used by operating systems for wchar_t strings may vary. If your application is dependent on the presence of encodings across different operating systems, you will need to ensure that it supports the desired formats.



Public Constructors

RWCollectableWString(const RWWString& s);
RWCollectableWString(const wchar_t* c);
RWCollectableWString(const RWWSubString&);
RWCollectableWString(wchar_t c, size_t N);

Public Destructor

virtual ~RWCollectableWString();

Public Member Functions

virtual RWspace
binaryStoreSize() const;
virtual int
compareTo(const RWCollectable* c) const;
virtual unsigned
hash() const;
virtual RWClassID
isA() const;
virtual RWBoolean
isEqual(const RWCollectable* c) const;
virtual void
virtual void
virtual void
saveGuts(RWvostream&) const;
virtual void
saveGuts(RWFile&) const;

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