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Essential Tools Module Reference Guide


Module:  Essential Tools Module   Group:  RWCollectable

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#include <rw/idendict.h>
// Smalltalk typedef:
typedef RWIdentityDictionary IdentityDictionary;
RWIdentityDictionary a;


The class RWIdentityDictionary is implemented as a hash table, for the storage and retrieval of key-value pairs. Class RWIdentityDictionary is similar to class RWHashDictionary except that items are found by requiring that they be identical (i.e., have the same address) as the key, rather than being equal (i.e., test true for isEqual()).

Both keys and values must inherit from the abstract base class RWCollectable.

The iterator for this class is RWHashDictionaryIterator.



Public Constructor

RWIdentityDictionary(size_t n = RWDEFAULT_CAPACITY);

Public Operator

operator<=(const RWIdentityDictionary& t) const;

Public Member Functions

The user interface to this class is identical to class RWHashDictionary and is not reproduced here. The only difference between the classes is that keys are found on the basis of identity rather than equality, and that the virtual function isA() returns __RWIDENTITYDICTIONARY, the ClassId for RWIdentityDictionary.

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