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Essential Tools Module Reference Guide


Module:  Essential Tools Module   Group:  STL Extension-based Collection

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#include <rw/tphasht.h>
template <class T, class H, class EQ, 
          class A=std::allocator<T*> >
class  RWTPtrHashMultiSetConstIterator


RWTPtrHashMultiSetConstIterator provides a const iterator interface to the Standard Library-based RWTPtrHashMultiSet collection. This iterator prohibits changes to the collection that is being iterated through.

Iteration over an RWTPtrHashMultiSet is pseudorandom and dependent on the capacity of the underlying hash table and the hash function being used. The only usable relationship between consecutive elements is that all elements which are defined to be equivalent by the equivalence object, EQ, will remain adjacent.

The current item referenced by this iterator is undefined after construction or after a call to reset() operation. The iterator becomes valid after being advanced with either a preincrement or operator().

For both operator++ and operator(), iterating past the last element returns a value equivalent to boolean false. Continued increments return a value equivalent to false until reset() is called.

The value type must have operator== defined. This requirement is imposed by the Standard C++ Library.



Public Constructors

RWTPtrHashMultiSetConstIterator<T,H,EQ,A>(RWTPtrHashMultiSet<T,H,EQ,A>& h);

Public Member Operators

const T*

Public Member Functions

const RWTPtrHashMultiSet<T,H,EQ,A>*
container() const; 
const T*
key() const; 
reset(RWTPtrHashMultiSet<T,H,EQ,A>& h);

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