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Essential Tools Module Reference Guide


Module:  Essential Tools Module   Group:  Virtual Stream

Does not inherit

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#include <vstream.h>
(abstract base class)


RWvios is an abstract base class. It defines an interface similar to the C++ streams class ios. However, unlike ios, it offers the advantage of not necessarily being associated with a streambuf.

This is useful for classes that cannot use a streambuf in their implementation. An example of such a class is RWXDRistream, where the XDR model does not permit streambuf functionality.

Specializing classes that do use streambufs in their implementation (such as RWpistream) can usually just return the corresponding ios function.



Public Member Functions

virtual int
eof() = 0;
virtual int
fail() = 0; 
virtual int
bad() = 0; 
virtual int
good() = 0; 
virtual int
rdstate() = 0; 
virtual void
clear(int v=0) = 0; 
operator void*();

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