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Essential Tools Module User's Guide

1.3 Documentation

This section explains the different publications in the Essential Tools Module documentation set, gives their online locations, and tells you how to obtain printed manuals.

1.3.1 Documentation Set Overview

You are reading the Essential Tools Module User's Guide, part of the complete product documentation for the Essential Tools Module of Rogue Wave Software's SourcePro Core. The Essential Tools Module documentation set includes the following manuals:

All Rogue Wave documentation is installed online when you install the Essential Tools Module, as shown in Section 1.3.2.

In addition, printed copies of user's guides may be purchased from your sales representative, as explained in Section 1.3.3.

1.3.2 Online Documentation

For easiest access to the online documentation, open buildspace\docs\index.html with your browser, and follow the links to the documents you need. Table 1 shows the locations of the Essential Tools Module online documentation.

Table 1: Locations of online documentation  

Document Format Location

readme file


HTML documentation

Single-point access to Rogue Wave HTML documentation:


Installing and Building Your SourcePro C++ Products: buildspace\docs\html\rcbug\index.html

Building Your Applications:

Introduction to SourcePro C++: buildspace\docs\html\startug\index.html

Essential Tools Module User's Guide: buildspace\docs\html\toolsug\index.html

Essential Tools Module Reference Guide: buildspace\docs\html\toolsref\index.html

PDF Documentation
(all user's guides)

buildspace\docs\pdf\name of user's guide



1.3.3 Printed Manuals

A printed version of the Essential Tools Module User's Guide can be purchased. For more information, please contact Rogue Wave sales at one of the numbers listed on your CD cover, or use our Web site:

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