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Essential Tools Module User's Guide

1.4 This Manual

You are reading the Essential Tools Module User's Guide. This section explains what this manual assumes you already understand, how this manual is organized, and conventions and terminology used in this manual.

1.4.1 Assumptions

This manual is an introduction to using the Essential Tools Module. It assumes that you are familiar with C++. If you are new to C++, please note that the bibliography in Appendix E provides resources that are helpful for learning the language.

If you are an advanced C++ user, you may want to accompany this manual with Stroustrup [1991], Lippman [1991], or Ellis and Stroustrup [1990]. The latter is sometimes referred to as "The ARM," the Annotated Reference Manual. The terse but precise style of these works makes them excellent references to the language.

1.4.2 Organization

This manual explains how to use the Essential Tools Module, as follows:

1.4.3 Conventions

Rogue Wave documentation uses the typographic conventions shown in Table 2.

Table 2: Typographic conventions  

Convention Purpose Example


Conventional uses such as emphasis.

Commands from an interface.

Always read the manual.

Click on the OK button.

bold italic

Class names.

RWCString, RWCollection.


Function names, code, directories, file names, examples, and operating system commands.



Conventional uses, such as new terms or emphasis.

A multiplicative conversion factor is...

Rogue Wave documentation uses the directory path conventions shown in Table 3.

Table 3: Path name conventions 

Convention Purpose Example


The name you gave your Rogue Wave root directory.


\ or /

A delimiter in a path name.

If you use Unix, replace \ with /.

If you use Windows, replace / with \.

For buildspace\docs\html, a Unix user would enter buildspace/docs/html.

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