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Essential Tools Module User's Guide

1.6 Technical Support

For an outline of your specific Technical Support policies, please see your Rogue Wave License Agreement. Technical Support contracts can be purchased or upgraded through your Rogue Wave account representative.

1.6.1 To Obtain Technical Support

You can save time if you complete the following steps before you contact Technical Support:

  1. Check the documentation.

  2. The problem may already be solved and documented in the Rogue Wave Knowledge Base,, or described in the user's guide or reference guide for the product.

  3. Isolate the problem.

  4. If you require Technical Support, please isolate the problem to the smallest test case possible. Most problems can be reproduced with fewer than 100 lines of code. Capture erroneous output into a text file along with the command line used to generate the errors. Please also include any table structure we would need to reproduce database errors.

  5. Collect your information.

  6. Submit your request.

  7. Go through one of your company's designated Rogue Wave Technical Support contacts, or contact Technical Support directly, according to the terms and conditions of your Rogue Wave License Agreement.

1.6.2 How to Contact Technical Support

Software Technical Support is available to customers who have a valid Maintenance and Support contract for any Rogue Wave product. Please contact Technical Support according to the terms of your Rogue Wave License Agreement for your support level: Basic, Premium, or Enterprise. Before calling the Support numbers listed below, please verify that your contract offers telephone support.

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