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Essential Tools Module User's Guide

4.2 RWCString and RWWString

The member functions of class RWCString read, compare, store, restore, concatenate, prepend, and append RWCString objects and char*s. Its operators allow access to individual characters, with or without bounds checking. And the class automatically takes care of memory management: you never need to create or delete storage for the string's characters.

Class RWWString is similar to RWCString, except that RWWString works with wide characters. Since the interfaces of the two classes are similar, they can be easily interchanged. Details of these classes are described in the Essential Tools Module Reference Guide. The rest of this chapter gives you some general examples of how RWCString works, followed by discussions of selected features of the string classes.

NOTE -- RWCString and RWWString are based on the std::string and std::wstring classes. For non Standard Library-based implementations, refer to the Reference Guide entries for RWClassicCString and RWClassicWString.

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