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Essential Tools Module User's Guide

9.2 Levels of Persistence

An object has one of four levels of persistence:

The Essential Tools Module Reference Guide indicates the level of persistence for each class. This section provides information about each level of persistence through descriptions, examples, and procedures for designing your own persistent classes.

9.2.1 A Note About Terminology

The Essential Tools Module provides input and output classes that let you save and restore objects. These classes are:

To keep our explanations simple, we'll refer to all of these input and output classes as streams. For a discussion of the trade-offs in using RWvostream and RWvistream versus RWFile, see Chapter 5 and Chapter 11.

9.2.2 About the Examples in this Section

For your convenience, all examples listed in this section are provided on disk in the directory buildspace\examples\tools. Each of the examples in this chapter has the name persist*.cpp.

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