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Essential Tools Module User's Guide

D.4 From Tools.h++ 7.1.1 to the Essential Tools Module of SourcePro Core 8.0

D.4.1 General Changes

In this release, the functionality of Tools.h++ 7.1.1 was incorporated into the Essential Tools Module of SourcePro Core Version 8.0. This is a link-incompatible release of the library; you must recompile and relink your applications. In this release, the Essential Tools Module was also rehosted on a new configure and build mechanism (Rogue Wave Component Builder). The Essential Tools Module User's Guide and The Essential Tools Module Reference Guide manuals have been restructured into package groups to assist in navigation.

D.4.2 Specific Changes

The following changes were also made between the Tools.h++ 7.1.1 release and the Essential Tools Module 8.0 release.

D.4.2.1 RWDateTime

RWDateTime is a new class which has been added to the Tools library. It offers:

D.4.2.2 RWCString

RWCString now has a new implementation when building on any relatively recent implementation of the Standard C++ Library. This implementation is a tight wrapper for the Standard Library's basic_string, and offers:

D.4.2.3 RWClockTimer

RWClockTimer is a new class that has been added to the Tools library. It measures elapsed wall clock time and has the same interface as RWTimer.

D.4.2.4 RWDecimalPortable

The RWDecimalPortable class has been added to the Tools library. Both SourcePro DB and the SourcePro Analysis Currency module now use this edition of the class. The RWDecimalPortable class represents an arbitrary precision number. Since its implementation is string-based, it is most useful for I/O operations.

D.4.2.5 Primitive Types

The Essential Tools Library now supports the streaming of long long and long double primitive types when supported by your compiler. Note that on Windows we use __int64 for long long. Note also that 32-bit Windows long doubles are the same size as regular doubles, so you will not be able to exchange bstream and estream data between Windows and platforms implementing long doubles as bigger than a double. pstreams can of course still be used as long as the values exchanged fall within the receiving platforms range.

D.4.2.6 Generic Classes

The generic classes described in Chapter 7 have been deprecated.

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